Nights Of Valor First Official Build Contest

This is a great opportunity for you guys to show off your work and get some cool stuff as well!

Myself and a few other judges (To be determined later) will be judging all the builds submitted

Theme: Medieval 


  1. Your work MUST be original, Do not look up something on Google to build. It must be your original design.
  2. You can choose to team up with someone if you wish but if that build is chosen the reward will be split evenly between all the builders
  3. You MUST submit your build on the forums located at the link below
  4. The builds MUST be on the /creative server
  5. For your build to be judged it has to follow the theme

First Place: 25 Enjin Tokens to be used in the donation store

Second Place: 10 Enjin Tokens to be used in the donation store

Third Place: 5  Enjin Tokens to be used in the donation store

To submit your builds simply go to this link and submit it in this format

Plot Owner: (The name of the person that owns the plot)

Helpers: (Name/Names of people that helped create the build)

Plot Location: (The cords on the sign at the corner of the plot)

ScreenShots: (Give a few screenshots of your work)

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Cumulative vote rewards added to factions, check them out with /vote rewards
Crates in factions no longer give a single key to the same crate.
Donation Store is up :)
Open Beta Launched!
We are almost ready to go and we appreciate your patience! Check back soon for more updates.
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